Dinner Plate Travails

Our culinary adventures!


We love to cook and really (really) love to eat. We also love to travel. The best part of travelling is getting to part-take in the seemingly infinite, creative ways that people around the world combine, treat, transform, enjoy and share earth’s bounty that nourish body and spirit. We travel with our mouths!

Whenever possible we seek out the best of food and drink around the world, but unfortunately, reality often tethers us to home and work. This is a diary of our dinner plate travels and travails; a written record of our gastronomic pleasures and misfortunes! We hope to share our experiences with others who, like us, are curious and treasure the satisfaction of creating and consuming delightful meals. Also, if it’s edible, we’ll try it at least once.

We will keep this blog updated as we try new recipes and improve old ones…

Jeff and Mai

Toronto, ON

PS. The unique dinnerware you often see in the pictures are ceramics made by Shana Salaff (http://www.shanasalaff.com/artwork). I think they make our cooking look and taste better!


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